Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra

The Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra has worked with nearly every major Bulgarian composer, conductor and soloist.

The Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra was established in 1962 from a group of young musicians from the Sofia Opera. Their first concert in March 1962, conducted by Michail Angelov, immediately captured the attention and admiration of the Sofia audience. Soon afterward they began their first tours abroad which have continued for 45 years during which time they have performed in concert halls throughout Europe, South America, North America, Australia, China, Japan, and Korea.

In its biography the Sofia Soloists has aroud 3000 concerts in Bulgaria and all over the makes records for different music companies,Radio and TV programs. Three conductors put impression on the orchestra’s appearance: Vassil Kazandjiev (1964-1978),Emil Tabakov (1979-1988) and the current conductor –Plamen Djouroff,who has taken the orchestra since 1988.

Among the names of the worldwide musicians who have performed with the orchestra,are Henrik Shering, Heinz Holliger, Daniil Shafran, Nikanor Zabaletta,Patrique Galois, Nigel Kennedy etc. The orchestra plays a multivarious music: from Baroque to the contemporary music and has more than 100 premieres of works,some of them are written for it.the musicians possess more than 60 LP’s and CD’s recordings.The best of their work has been produced by the recording companies : BMG, Denon, Decca,Harmonia Mundi, Columbia,SABA,Victor,Gega New etc.

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