Les Orpheistes Chamber Orchestra

LES ORPHEÏSTES is an international orchestra of outstanding musicians under the patronage of Viktor Prinz von Isenburg.

For years the Austrian/Bulgarian violin virtuoso Mario Hossen form the solid core of the orchestra- high talented musicians, prize winners from both national and international competitions- from Austria and the Donau Region. LES ORPHEÏSTES has repeatedly proved its high quality and capability in concerts, on tours and with CD recordings.

Since its establishment, Swiss conductor Joel Mathias Jenny has worked frequently with the orchestra. Many famous musicians have been heard as part of LES ORPHEÏSTES – illustrious names include the violinists Guenter Pichler, Gérard Poulet, Takashi Shimizu, and Dong Suk Kang; the violists Gérard Caussé and Wolfgang Klos; the cellists Anton Nikulescu, Wolfgang Panhofer and Dominique de Williencour. Milena Mollova and Adrian Oetiker are connected with the orchestra as pianists, while Hansjörg Schellenberger (oboe) and Philippe Bernold (flute) have repeatedly conducted performances in the dual roles of soloist/conductor. Alexis Hauser, Borislav Ivanov, François Pierre Descamps deserve mentioning among the conductors.

Various CD recordings bear witness to the high musical and technical standard of the LES ORPHEÏSTES orchestra in works by Bach, Mozart, Stamitz, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky.

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