Giuseppe Lanzetta, conductor

Maestro Giuseppe Lanzetta has conducted Chamber and Symphonic Orchestras worldwide.

Giuseppe Lanzetta has conducted leading orchestras in Austria (Johannes Strauss Vienna Symphony), Brazil (Sinfonica of Brazil, the Orchestra of Brasilia, Orchestra Sinfonica di Mineira), Canada (the Edmonton Symphony and the Toronto Symphony), Egypt (the Cairo Symphony Orchestra), Finland (The Joensu Philarmonich), Greece (the Orchestra of Magna), Hungary (Filarmonica di Debrecen), Italy (the Tuscany Regional Orchestra, the orchestra “I Solisti Florentine,” May Musicale Fiorentino, the Youth Orchestra of Italy, the Chamber Orchestra and Romana the Veronese, Symphony Orchestra of the Catholic University of Milan, Symphony Orchestra Sanremo, Symphonia Perusina, Ico Tito Schipa of Lecce), Israel (Orchestra da Camera, Vltava Chamber Orcehstra of Israel), Mexico (Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico City, Orchestra Sinfonica dell’Unam, Orquestra da Camera de Bellas Artes), Poland (Aaken Sinfonie Orcheste, Cappella Cracoviensis, Wroclaw Philharmonic, the Philharmonic Poznam, Virtuosi di Praga), Portugal (Orchestra of Madeira), Republic of Serbia (Novi Sad Orchestra), Romania (Orchestra Sinfonica di Bacau and the Orchestra of Craiova), Russia (Orchestra Kisiniev, Russian National Opera, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica di Volgograd, Orchestra di Kisiniev, Orchestra of St. Petersburg Hermitage), Ukraine (Philarmonica of Donetzk), Germany (Arpeggione of Hohemens, Chursachsische Philharmonie, the Philarmonica Heidelberg), Hungary (Virtuosi di Praga, the Chapel Cracoviensis, Symphony Debrecen), Slovakia (Orchestra of Moldava), Slovenia (Radio Television Symphony Orchestras of Ljubljana), United States (Sacramento Symphony in California, the Atlanta Symphony in Georgia and those in the states of Illinois, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wyoming), Spain (the Symphony of Cordoba, of Extremadura), Sweden, (Symphony Goteborg and Stockholm), Turkey (the Symphony of Istanbul), and many others.

He debuted with great success in November 2003 in Berlin with the Berliner Symphoniker in the prestigious Philharmonie Grossen Saal and, in May 2006, to Carnege Hall in New York.

Maestro Lanzetta has conducted choirs as famous as the Teatro Comunale of Florence(Italy), the International Choir of Louvain (Belgium) and the Choir Madrigale Bucharest.

In America and Europe he has directed famous soloists, among them remember Leon Spierer, Johan Hye, Sergio Fiorentino, Andrej Kalarus, Margarita Hohenrieder, Nicolae Tudor, Augusto Vismara, Martin Dimitris Sgouros, Marie Luise Neunecker, Gary Karr, Eduard Brunner, Rolando Panerai , David Garrett, Andreas Blau, Daniele Damiano, Bruno Canino, Jorge Demus, Ivan Zenati, Turibius Santos, Cristiano Rossi, and others.

The Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina was created in 1981 by Giuseppe Lanzetta. It consists of about 40 musicians, who have played over 1300 concerts. The repertoire consists of symphonic and chamber music. It is known as “one of the best chamber orchestras in Europe.”

Within just a few years the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina succeeded in drawing the attention of the public in Italy and abroad. One reason for this is the numerous successful appearances in Italy for the most important institutions of classical music. Another reason is the tours abroad, which led the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina to Brazil (Sao Paulo, Campinas, Belo Horizonte, Campos, Juiz de Fora, Rio de Janeiro), Mexico (Mexico City Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica della Ofunan, Filarmonica della Città del Messico, l’Orchestra Sinfonica di Mineria, l’Orchestra da camera del Palazzo di Belle Arti, and the Sinfonica di Toluca), the United States, Spain (Auditorium De Falla, Granada), Malaga, Madrid, Barcellona, Saragozza, Terragona, Gandhia and Valencia), Malta, Portugal (the Coimbra Festival in 1998), Slovenia, Poland and Germany.

Many renowned soloists have played with the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina under the baton of Guiseppi Lanzetta, among them Augusto Vismara, Christiane Edinger, Jorge Demus, Eduard Brunner, Andreas Blau, Bruno Canino, Daniele Damiano, Cristiano Rossi, Vincenzo Mariozzi, Umberto Clerici, Andrea Nannoni, Filippo Maria Bressan, the choir of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and the Choir Athestis. Since 1985, the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina has been financed partly by the Italian ministry for Culture and by the Assessorato for urban culture of the province Florence and the region Tuscany.

Lanzetta conducted at the International Festival of Krakow in 2003 in Heidelberg; in Vienna several times at the Wiener Kammersolisten, at the Ungarische Kammerphilharmonie in the splendid hall of the Musik Verein, and in the Konzerthaus. He has also led the prestigious orchestras for RTVE of Lubiana, in Sacramento, California, and for the Goteborg, Germany and in Stockholm, Sweden.

Maestro Lanzetta has also been Principal Conductor of Orchestra Pro Arte di Messina, Italy and is Director of the Symphonic Orchestra of Grosseto, Greece.

Born in Montecorvino, Rovella, Italy in 1960, Lanzetta graduated in Choral Music and Choir Conducting under the guidance of Maestro Pierluigi Zangelmi; Instrumentation for Bands with Maestro Lorenzo Semeraro. At the L. Cherubini Conservatory in Florence he studied composition with Maestro Franco Cioci and Orchestra Conducting while he was Assistant Conductor with Maestro Bruno Campanella. He also studied conducting through Maestro Franco Ferrara’s Courses in Rome, Assisi and Verona and in Siena at the Accademia Chigiana. He continued to learn Choral Conducting with the Bulgarian masters George Robef and Samuil Vidas.

Professor Lanzetta holds the Chair of Exercise Orchestrali Conservatory of Music Arcangelo Corelli Messina. He teaches International Choral Conducting and Orchestra Conducting. International critics have defined him as one of the most brilliant directors of the young generation.

In August 1992 Lanzetta performed in the famous Salzburg Music Festival. He worked with the Oscar Prize winner, Roberto Benigni, in an unforgettable concert in Piazzale Michelangelo and in Piazza Signoria, Piazza Pitti and Piazza Santa Croce’s Eve concerts of the Municipality of Florence. In 2005 he was awarded the Medal Beato Angelico and, in 2006, he received the award for the Florence Music del’Arte.

Giuseppe has chamber and symphonic compositions repeatedly performed and broadcast by RAI, as well as numerous recordings.